Welcome to my world, a rollercoaster ride of literary emotions! Enjoy!

“Jenny Allen is not afraid to make you scream, cry, and even cheer for her characters as they come face to face with their own mortality…” — Emily Kirk


Jenny Allen is the author of  The Lilith Adams Series, which includes Blood Lily and Rose of Jericho. She also has several published poems and short stories in University journals while spending time as a reporter and photographer for the Chattanooga State College newspaper. Ms. Allen has studied forensic science, done extensive research in world cultures and myths, and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Registered Nursing while working full time as an RN for Select Specialty Hospital. Her background as a published photographer and an award winning artist help her visualize the scenes when writing, contributing to her unique style of vivid imagery.

Born on a Royal Air base in Lakenheath England, she left the U.K. at the age of 9 to travel all over the United States and Germany. She turned to writing poetry after the suicide of a close friend in her sophomore year of high school in San Antonio, TX. She later graduated to short stories and narratives until, in 2002, she wrote her first novel, Lilith in London, which was never published, but exists as 432 hand written pages in a binder. Over the course of twelve years the novel underwent a lengthy metamorphosis, eventually becoming her first published novel, Blood Lily.

Jenny Allen attributes her success to the people in her life that provided not only encouragement, but constructive criticism including longtime friends Jason Ratcliff, Emily Kirk, Matthew Pace, Adrian Stranik, Chris Howard and Robin Sullivan.
Currently, Ms. Allen is  living in York, Pennsylvania with her son, Kaidan, and enjoys the love and support of her boyfriend Eric Deardorff and his amazing son, River. They are truly the lights of her life and continual wells of inspiration. Currently, Ms. Allen is working on the rough draft of book three in her series, The Lotus Tree. She hopes to continue her book series while pursuing her medical career.

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