I have plenty of great news to share!

First, Blood Lily will be making some big debuts this summer! Fulton Books will be presenting book 1 of the Lilith Adams Series at both the New York Library Association Book Fair and the London Book Expo! In fact, Blood Lily will be featured in the London Book Expo catalog with this full-page ad!

Second, Book 2, Rose of Jericho, is currently with my editor at Fulton Books! The book is set to release this fall! I will post updates with progress and provide a release date when I have one. I am planning on a big release party for book 2, right here in York, PA featuring a new local band, The Diminishing Returns. Once I have a venue and date, I will post the information here!

Third, I am hard at work on book 3, The Lotus Tree. I am collaborating with my test bunnies to refine the flow and I am making edits to the incomplete rough draft. Currently, I am in chapters 5 & 6 with about 45 pages. The total page count of the rough draft is about 230 pages, which is approximately 65-75% of the complete story.

Lastly, another great review came out for Blood Lily that I wanted to share!

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