Original pieces will be appearing in PA this October!

I am proud to announce that the originals of Self-Portrait, The Mummy, Big Frankie, and Land of the Deadites (seen below) will be debuting at the 48th Monster Mania Con at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center October 22-24! They will be available for sale alongside prints ranging from 8×10 to 11×14.

The originals of Boris Karloff, Zombie Gene, and Man Made Love (as seen below) will be exhibited at The Dark Parlour in downtown York, PA for the month of October.

The original of The Wolfman (seen below) will be appearing at The Hive Artspace in Downtown York, PA for the month of October.


Announcing my very first Con appearance this October 22-24 at Monster Mania Con at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center! Click the image below for information and tickets! I will be there with Blood Lily and a large range of art prints as well as a couple originals! Don’t miss out on an unbelievable experience!

Also, my Original Artwork Page has been updated with new pieces! Be sure to check it out! Prints are available of most pieces. Email JennyAllenBooks@gmail.com for more information!

The hardcopy of Blood Lily is now available!!

You can now order the hardcopy of Blood Lily from amazon! You can also request your favorite retailer to order it including Barnes&Noble, Booksamillion, and even small independent bookstores! The E-book will be available in a couple of weeks on every platform! I’ll let you know when it launches!

The link to Amazon is below!

Exciting News

Today I am sharing some exciting news about the future of Blood Lily and the Lilith Adams Series. I am currently beginning work with a producer and screenwriter to develop Blood Lily for television! We have our first conference call coming up on Wednesday, April 21st. I will continue to post updates as the project develops.

Huge Announcement!

Blood Lily has a new home! On January 18th, 2021, I signed a contract with Fulton Books, a major book publisher! Blood Lily has been submitted for editorial review, and I am anticipating a possible release date in late Summer or Early Fall! This is a major breakthrough, which will allow Blood Lily to grace the shelves of Big-box retailers and finally grant it the public exposure it needs!

I have also submitted everything to the Pitch-A-Producer program through Voyage, and have high hopes for Movie or Series development! I want to thank all my amazing fans for their support! I love you!

Listen to Blood Lily!

Starting today, December 1st, you can now listen to Blood Lily – Chapter 1 on my YouTube channel! Click the link or search YouTube for Jenny Allen Books. This is the latest edition of Blood Lily which is currently out of print. Although, I will share the link here and on my Facebook page, the videos will be exclusive to YouTube on a playlist so that, in the future, all the Blood Lily videos can be played in order as a “visual audiobook”.