Listen to Blood Lily!

Starting today, December 1st, you can now listen to Blood Lily – Chapter 1 on my YouTube channel! Click the link or search YouTube for Jenny Allen Books. This is the latest edition of Blood Lily which is currently out of print. Although, I will share the link here and on my Facebook page, the videos will be exclusive to YouTube on a playlist so that, in the future, all the Blood Lily videos can be played in order as a “visual audiobook”.

New Adventures

There is now a “VIDEOS” page on the website which has all of my Live Streams via Youtube, available to watch any time! Please check them out and subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss out. My discussions cover a wide variety of topics mostly focused around writing, but not exclusively. As a high-functioning person with an Anxiety Disorder, I do discuss intimate details of that battle and how it both helps and hinders me.

Join Me on Facebook!

I’ve made the leap into Live Streaming on my Facebook page where I discuss not only my novels, but writing in general. I’ve also began asking the audience questions at the end of my Live Streams to get discussions going. Join the debate and ask all your burning questions.

Below you will find my first Live Stream and there are 3 others currently up for you to check out!

New Life

With renewed vigor, I am hard at work editing Book 1 again. After some sage, advice, I picked up 2 different programs to strengthen the writing. If I don’t find a new publisher by the time I’m done, I will self-publish again in time for the huge Book event in Harrisburg next September (details coming soon). Keep checking back for more updates!!

Left Adrift

In March 2020, my publisher, Indie Gypsy, went out of business. Sadly, my books no longer have a home for the time being. I am hard at work, re-editing book 1 for re-release, but the books are currently unavailable. Check out my Facebook page for updates. As soon as I have dates and specifics, I will post them here as well. Thank you to my fans for their seemingly limitless support and encouragement!