Blood Lily (Book 1)

“I absolutely LOVED IT! It was so thrilling and captivating. I am a huge thriller and forensic loving book advocate with a deep love for fantasy mixed with reality. This was everything of the sort and more!” -Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra, The Bold & the Beautiful~)

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~Received Honorable Mention in General Fiction at the
San Francisco Book Festival 2022~

NYPD Independent forensics consultant Lilith Adams may not be precisely human, but it hadn’t made her life any less monotonous. The nights and bodies just bled into a dull and seemingly useless existence. All she wanted was a real mystery to chase, a purpose. Everything is about to change, and her quiet little life will never be the same.

When her uncle goes missing from a small town in Tennessee, Lilith’s doting father sends her to investigate with his head of security, Chance Deveraux. They quickly find themselves caught in a whirlwind of violence and terror that uncovers a story buried for over six-hundred years. The vengeful secret could very well cost her everything. To survive, they’ll have to find powerful new allies, but trusting them might be the biggest mistake of all.      

Blood Lily is a thriller that redefines classic supernatural elements and myths through a scientific lens. The story challenges every relationship in Lilith’s life, forcing her to deal with the emotional grit of loss in the face of overwhelming odds.


“This book just sneaked behind me, put me on my ass and kicked me for good measure. I absolutely loved Blood Lily and I intend to read each and every novel Jenny Allen graces us with – if that’s her first, I can’t wait to see what’s next!!” – May Sage, Author of To Claim a King

“I would give it 10 stars if I could.. Amazing.. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.. Great read!!” – Nicole Botterbusch

 Rose of Jericho (Book 2)

“It had more twists and turns than the fur on a poodle. Thank you Jenny Allen for another wonderful book!! I hope this is not the last!!!!” – Robin Sullivan

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rose of jericho_BB

When Lilith Adams accepted Detective Andrew Cohen’s help to defeat the horror from her father’s past, she knew she was making a deal with the devil. Now the true price of his help has come to light and the cost is beyond anything she could imagine. Lilith and Chance are forced into the service of a mysterious council whose cold brutality surpasses Ashcroft’s maniacal revenge in their rabid desire for the Voynich Manuscript.

The book, authored by Lilith’s uncle 600 years ago, is not only incomplete, but also missing, due to a high tech robbery that has left baffling bodies in its wake. Now Lilith and Chance are scrambling for every lead as the impossible becomes real and everything that was once buried comes to light.

Nothing is guaranteed in the desperate race for the power hidden in the enigmatic book that holds all the ghosts of not only the past of Lilith’s family but Cohen’s as well. Every loyalty and bit of sanity is tested in the violent whirlwind of gripping terror that Lilith and Chance are thrown into. Caught between emotion-feeding demons, a vicious siren and an actual voodoo witch with a terrifying power, the real question is who will be left standing when the storm passes.

“Fantastic second installment to the series! I couldn’t put it down! The author continues to keep us engaged in the characters and their lives as piece by piece the world around them is reshaped by masterfully laid out events… I couldn’t have asked for more.” – Emily Kirk

The Lotus Tree (Book 3)


This third installment in the Lilith Adams Series is currently in the rough draft stage. Sign up to receive updates!

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