Join me weekly on for my live streams covering a wide variety of topics from writing, to Anxiety issues, and life in general. You will also find all the videos here and on my YouTube channel.

Updates on the novels and random thoughts.
Talking about the book’s origins.
What life was like during the writing process
Discussing Pop-culture references and their place in novels, question of the day, live stream interaction and (at the end, there is a warning) SPOILERS on Book 3, The Lotus Tree.
Discussing the benefits of plotting and outlining a book vs. free-flow writing.
Results of fan’s favorite childhood books, Music and it’s influence on my writing, Blood Lily dream cast, and question of the day: Your 5 Desert Island Movies.
Results of last week’s question: top 5 movies if stranded on a desert island. Research in writing, naming characters, and the Question of the day!
Today I will talk about Monday’s question “What have you always wanted to do, but never have?”, writing difficult scenes, exciting updates on Blood Lily and wrap things up with the question of the day!
Today I’m discussing Managing expectations in life and writing, the pitfalls of anxiety, the benefits of civil discussion, last week’s question of the day, and asking today’s question.
Today I will discuss my sources of inspiration, the driving forces that push my creativity, and asking for your favorite scary stories!
Today I’m talking about Lilith Adams, main character and heroine of Blood Lily and Rose of Jericho.
Discussing all things Chance, and a special treat!! A short excerpt from book 3, The Lotus Tree (rough draft still in progress).
Discussing all things Andrew Cohen and (drumroll please) reading an entire scene from Book 3, The Lotus Tree. Not just any scene, but my favorite of all time!
Dual broadcasting here and on youtube! Discussing the writing community, especially in social media as well as the Ashcroft Orrick spotlight.
Discussing common obstacles that writers face and some ways to overcome them. Also tips on how to stay enthusiastic and excited about your writing. PLUS, updates on Blood Lily! Don’t miss out!
Discussing exciting new updates and the various genres in writing.
Discussing exciting new updates and comparing editing programs!

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