Hollywood News!

I just received an endorsement for Blood Lily from actress Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra, The Bold & the Beautiful)!

“I absolutely LOVED IT! It was so thrilling and captivating. I am a huge thriller and forensic loving book advocate with a deep love for fantasy mixed with reality. This was everything of the sort and more!”

She is also very interested in taking on the lead role of Lilith Adam’s. It’s an extremely exciting step forward!


Blood Lily is continuing to sell well through my new publisher. Indiegypsy is getting bites out in Hollywood on a film version of Blood Lily and we may get some celebrity endorsements soon. Rose of Jericho is in the editing process with my publisher and I’ve broken 75k words on book 3. The Lotus Tree. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Huge News!

I have signed a publishing contract with Indie Gypsy! For the moment, Blood Lily and Rose of Jericho will no longer be available. Once I have worked with their editing team, it will be republished. Keep checking for the new publish dates! Also, Indie Gypsy will be putting together a pitch and start shopping for movie rights! Stay tuned for a lot of big news!